“I’ve Told Whole Story; Do You Need Script Book?” Asks Rajamouli

Of course, as we explained already, Rajamouli follows this formula of revealing the whole of his film’s story through the trailer itself. And then he mesmerised the audience with his screenplay and drama inside the theatres. But then, with few media folks asking him more about the story, the legendary director got a bit frustrated.

“Who on earth will give a complete story of the film through the trailer itself? Have you seen anyone else giving out so much of story like I did with RRR?” asked Rajamouli, when media folks quizzed him more about the story. The questions are like, ‘Jr NTR is seen wearing Muslim cap, is he a Muslim in the movie?’, ‘Charan is wearing the costumes of Alluri, how come he would do Naatu dance?’.

As the questions kept coming, Rajamouli quipped, “After I’ve told the whole story already, you’re still asking me more about it rather than watching the film. Still I send you the script book also?”. But then he clarified a thing about RRR. “This movie is all about friendship, but not majorly patriotism. While patriotism is underplayed, the soul of the film revolves around the friendship between two characters, Ram and Bheem. You will get carried away by the emotions rather thinking about Alluri, Bheem, Charan or Tarak once the film starts”, he articulated.

Well, it looks like Rajamouli is getting bombarded by too much of questions at RRR press meets, but then, he loves to answer all of them.