Instant Hit: Megastar’s pesarattu for his mother


The challenge #BeTheRealMan got a new derivation with Megastar Chiranjeevi showcasing that not just doing the cleaning, sweeping and mopping, but also cooking for your loved ones will be a manly thing to do. And then, the video he has presented is awesome to the core.

Apparently Megastar’s cooking skills are known to everyone as he used to make dosas for any guests who come to his house. The likes of Prabhudeva revealed that even during the times of Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, Chiru used to take him home every evening and serve him with self-made dosas. And now, Megastar made the same dosa for his mother.

The way he did that flip while making the Pesarattu is so amazing that the likes of Lakshmi Manchu got stunned by it. And the way he served that to his mother, feeding her, and she feeds him back, and then he uses a hand-fan to cool out the hot dosa- it is just wow we must say. That motherly love and a son’s affection toward’s his mother have filled the frame with lots of warmth.

Netizens are saying that Chiranjeevi’s video has given new definition and kick to the challenge, and now every man might get inspired to post cooking videos.

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