Pic Talk: Sai Pallavi Embraces Her Natural Look

The film industry is full of gorgeous ladies who love wearing makeup and flaunting their sizzling features. And on the other side, we have Sai Pallavi who looks equally as beautiful as others. She celebrates her natural and not so flawless skin in all her glory.

The actress’s latest pictures, where she is seen baring her makeup-free skin, is leaving netizens spellbound over her natural beauty. Sai Pallavi is seen enjoying water splashes near a swimming pool and her simplicity in a casual kurta is winning hearts. The photographer captured a stunning closeup shot in bright light by showing her natural look with the right compositions and creativity.

The fashion and film industry’s beauty standards are near unattainable, and kudos to Pallavi for defying convention and sporting her natural hair and skin. She also held a bunch of pink orchid flowers and sat on a pool deck, while enjoying a little bit of fun on a bright sunny day all by herself.