Allu Arjun Steps In To Say ‘Aahapuram’

Icon Star Allu Arjun is making sure that the newly formed craze he’s enjoying from the love of audiences across the country will be helpful for prompting his father’s exclusive Telugu OTT app in a big way. And he has come up with a special ad in the name of “Cinemapuram” and here’s what the final ad is like.

Apparently, Allu Arjun promoted Aha, saying that every city in the states of AP and Telangana loves cinema, and every city or town or village is not only ‘cinemapuram’ but actually ‘Ahapuram’. He reinforced the fact that Aha is coming up with exclusive content every Friday whether that is films or interviews or anything. The ad sounded quite impressive for its making. It is directed by Prashanth Varma of Awe and Zombie Reddy fame. Prasanth has also directed Balakrishna for Unstoppable promos.

Anyway, with Allu Arjun taking up Aha on his shoulders while the 1.0 version was promoted by Vijay Devarakonda, the promoters and investors of Aha are said to be expecting a phenomenal rise in new subscriptions and fans as well. For now, Aha is doing good, but it needs to better when compared to the investments made and the returns that are kicking in.