The American Dream trailer: Harsh Reality!

Most of the engineering students from the Telugu states aspire to an American job and earn in dollars. An Aha original titled ‘The American Dream’ revolves around a youngster who dreams to land in the US and get settled.

Young actor Prince plays the lead role and life won’t be that easy for Prince as soon as he lands in the US. He manages a maintenance job with the help of his friend but for his survival, the pay becomes difficult. That’s the harsh reality of every ‘American Dream.’

The obvious of having a girlfriend is very romantic. Neha played the female lead and initially Prince is not ready for commitment but eventually he falls in love with her. This might be the twist of the film going by the trailer.

‘The American Dream’ is written and directed by Vighnesh Koushik and it’s a roller-coaster ride of a majority of youngsters who landed on American soil over the past decades.

The film will be streaming from January 14th.