These Two Hotties Not Tired Of Posting Bikini Pics

From the last couple of weeks, two heroines who have tried their best to prove their mettle in Telugu movies but haven’t reached the high point they expected, are actually teasing their fans with loads of bikini pictures. They are none other than Mumbai hotties, Shraddha Das and Sonal Chauhan.

Coming to Sonal, she tried her best even with onscreen bikini teasings in Telugu cinema, but somehow luck didn’t favor her. And while waiting for F3 to hit cinemas where she is paired up with comedian Sunil, the curvaceous siren is making sure that she dumps a bikini picture a day on her social media handles. Before the new year, she went on a holiday and clicked lots of pictures in that tiny two-piece black bikini, which she’s sharing since then.

And the other hottie Shraddha Das is chilling out in Goa with her pals and is diving into the pool every day, from where she gives loads of bikini treats. Flashing her shining bikinis in catchy colors, the Bengali hottie who hails from Mumbai is leaving no scope for imagination as she is oozing loads of sex appeal.

These relentless efforts of the two hotties to grab attention should actually yield some results in 2022 as their glamour is something Tollywood hasn’t consumed fully yet. At the same times, these hotties are also not getting tired to post the same pics almost everyday from the last couple of weeks.