Harish Shankar’s Strong Reply To A Negative Tweet


As social media became the ground for all kinds of verbal attacks, celebrities are at the receiving end most of the times as people agree and disagree with them, and then start to fight on their timelines.

Other day, popular director Harish Shankar has shared a video of a doctor explaining about the covid situation especially when it comes to Omicron cases. In the video, Dr. Guruva Reddy of Sunshine Hospitals revealed that Omicron will end up as nothing but a common cold and only those people who are not vaccinated will be most affected. While the doctor advised everyone to relax, saying that pandemic is reaching an end, many folks started saying that the doctor and Harish Shankar are actually misleading the public.

One user accused that Harish Shankar is behaving irresponsibly and trying to downplay a serious concern. Quickly reacting on this, the director gave a strong reply saying that some people will never wanna give a hope even when an expert says something good is going to happen.

In fact, Harish’s intention is to spread a bit of positivity than panic, but it looks like few people are not much appreciative about it.