In Conversation with Young Sensation Krithi Shetty

Making her way into everyone’s heart in a very short span is the ever-charming and talented Krithi Shetty. In a candid conversation on Get Set Gulte, Krithi talks about her upcoming movie #Bangarraju starring Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya. She also shares her experience working in the industry and a lot more fun and interesting things about herself. Here is the conversation in words.

So Krithi, how does it feel to be an actor, moreover an actor who’s achieved well-deserved fame in such a short amount of time?

I think I did not expect that audience will accept my transformation from Bebamma in Uppena to Keerthy in Shyam Singha Roy. There is a lot of difference. The response audience gave me was positive everywhere. There were a lot of positive reviews. It made me extremely special being an actor as now I have the liberty to play any kind of role.

Does it ever get overwhelming? The paparazzi and the love that you receive on social media or in general from your fans?

I do follow a lot of fan pages. I still pinch myself sometimes, because it is still unbelievable, overwhelming but I am still happy.

And about the outdoor events and paparazzi, I will be nervous but once I get out of the car the energy takes over me. Then I get excited and happy to see everyone.

What was your first reaction after reading the Bangarraju script?

It was the funniest narration. I was laughing all along that I had to stop the narration for a while just to stop. It was very exciting to hear about such a new character.

To be opposite such acclaimed actors like Nagarjuna Garu and Naga Chaitanya, how was the experience?

I am really blessed to be working with actors like Nag sir and Chay Garu and Ramya mam. When they come to set, they have this experience and it shows in the work. They put their 100 percent into everything they do and it is inspiring. I have never seen that anywhere about showing the seniority and such attitude. They think about giving comfort to a co-star and it is like a sports team as they do work as a team. I have learned that from them.

R Narayanamurthy Garu compared you to Asha Parekh garu. Has anyone ever told you this before? What was your immediate reaction?

No one has ever said that to me, but she is my dad’s favorite actress. So when Narayanamurthy Garu was telling, I was wondering if he was talking to me. I really did not expect that. It took 2 minutes for me to understand that, but it was so nice of him to say that. He appreciated me after he watched Uppena also. I think we watched it at the same time. Shocking but motivated about R Narayana Murthy’s comments.

This Or That – Too Gulte To Be True

Stay Home or Party Out?

Stay home. Home sleep and Netflix. I like staying home a lot. I have friends in Mumbai so I chill when I meet them. No parties.

Indoor Shoots Or Outdoor Shoots?

Outdoor shoots like Paris (Laughs off). Bangarraju had a shoot in Mysore, I liked it.

Romance or Action

I wanted to do Action because it is challenging. But Romance is way too challenging, so no romance. So it is Action.

Nag Sir Or Chaitanya?

Both of them. You can’t compare them, as both of them are different as people. They are good in their own ways.

A special song with huge pay or a small role alongside a big star?

I don’t know! I didn’t think about it. It depends on comfort.

Be true and be fast and tell the name of the first person who comes to your mind from the sets of Bangarraju when you hear the below-

Always late – None
One take artist – Everyone, Nag sir, Chaitanya, Ramya mam, Vennela Kishore Garu, Rao Ramesh Garu
Always eating – Krithi Shetty, Not on the sets, but I am always eating
Takes too much time in the green room – No one
Best dressed even off-screen –
Lazy and sleepy – None, This movie is like a festival even on the sets, it was all fun.
Always dressed – My character Naga Lakshmi
Very angry – Everyone is very cool and fun

What is that one thing that makes Krithi angry?

I am usually never angry. I am cranky sometimes but not angry.

Do you believe in luck and destiny?

Actually yes. I believe in luck, destiny, and Drishti. I visit Peddamma temple if there is a new movie starting. It is all the positive energy you collect in the temple and take it to the set and home.

Do you feel any competitors in the industry?

No. Competition in a positive way is good, but I never see it and I don’t want people to misinterpret it. The industry has a lot of space for talent and for everyone.

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