Loser Season 2: Full Of Drama & Emotions

An anthology of three sports stories, the web-series Loser won accolades of many. The season 2 of Loser will stream on Zee5 from January 21st. Meanwhile, the makers have come up with trailer of the new series.

Mostly, the same characters are seen, and like the first part, the season two also is highly emotional. Priyadarshi who was seen as a struggling shooter becomes a superstar and he becomes commercial. But name and fame are not permanent.

Shashank who’s a big loser is now training his son who is not very serious and moreover he is very arrogant. Kalpika who appeared as the other Loser trains kids in Badminton. It’s a video full of emotions to see these character and their ups and downs in career.

Directed by Abhilash Reddy and Shravan Madala and produced by Supriya Yarlagadda, Loser 2 trailer looks promising.