In Conversation With Bangarrajulu – Nag & Chay

The biggest release of Sankranthi this year is going to be Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya’s Bangarraju. The movie already seems to be a lot of fun and laughter and before the release, we had a chit-chat with the Bangarrajulu Bag and Chay. Here is the exclusive interview Get Set Gulte with Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya.

Before the conversation took off, King Nagarjuna asked how was it named Gulte! He then realized it came from the word Telugu and recalled that in Chennai all Telugus were being called as gultes. Indeed an interesting talk to start with.

What are the three things audience can expect from the film and you can guarantee them?

Nag: The audience can expect a lot of fun and it is a festival film like Soggade Chinni Nayana. That we promise

Chay: Entertainment, emotion, beautiful songs, fights. It is a pakka festival film. The audience will get what they would expect and come to theaters in the festive season. It has all the elements.

After hearing the script, What was the first thing that made you think you are doing this?

Chay: I think this character will take me closer to the audience. It is layered with a lot of mass elements and a lot of village sentiment.

What was the first discussion between you both?

Nag: Yeah, we did discuss. It is the first time Chay doing this character. He was a little concerned if this character suits him. A first-time for everything is always a time-taking decision.

Even for me to accept a film like Hello Brother, It took more than a month for EVV Garu and Gopal Reddy Garu to convince me. I did films like Geetanjali and Shiva then and I was not sure if the slapstick comedy in Hello Brother suits me or not. Hello, Brother has the ground commercial elements and when I was still thinking, EVV garu asked me to accept this one film believing him. That’s how I did it.

Chay also got his concerns but he got convinced later on.

Chay, You have worked with Nag sir in Manam and now Bangarraju. Is there anything that you have observed? How is the work experience different from Manam to Bangarraju?

He is been constant. It is me who got ease with Bangarraju. Manam scenes had me and dad where I found it a little difficult to see the actor in him when the camera starts rolling. But I found myself comfortable here and I think I evolved more. He’s been the same.

Do you tell him anything or help him with anything during the shoot?

Nag: Nothing. Any actor should be doing it in their own style and maybe I helped him a bit with the slang.

In our previous interview with Krithi Shetty, she revealed that you do the shots with a single take and she said she learned a lot from you. How you make others feel comfortable on sets is important..

It is very important. Everybody should feel comfortable. Dominating others and making them nervous is a problem for the movie itself.

We see two versions of Chay in the movie. Does Bangarraju soul enter into Chay?

Yeah, It is Bangarraju’s soul that enters into his grandson. In the original, it is father and son.

Chay, after Sailaja Reddy Alludu, this is the second time for you to work with Ramya mam. How was it?

It is very easy. Ramya mam keeps you at ease. She doesn’t show the feeling the seniority or anything of that sort. When it is cut and relaxing, she is always laughing and her laugh is very infectious. There was always a jolly vibe around when she is there. I also observe her performance and it is nice to observe them. We always learn something or the other from their experience.

What is the one major difference between Soggade and Bangarraju?

Nag: Him! (pointing at Chay and laughing off)

A young pair and energy are missing in Soggade and we balanced that in Bangarraju.

Chay: A big difference is Naga Lakshmi Sarpanch’s character done by Krithi. And another thing here is that this Bangarraju is more and more fun.

What If

If the remake of Soggade or Bangarraju happens in Hindi, who do you think would suit the role?

Nag: (Laughs) Someone like Salman Khan with his comedy sense can do the big Bangarraju character and any younger hero can do the Junior Bangarraju.

If Bangarraju and Manmadhudu went out, who is more likely to pick up a girl on a date?

Nag: Senior Bangarraju goes to the village and Manmadhudu stays in the city. They are two different characters. Actually, Manmadhudu never likes women.

If a biopic on Nag sir is made, who do you think is the perfect cast for that?

Chay: That’s a tough question. I can’t imagine anybody else.

If Bangarraju is given his life back, where would he want to go apart from his village?

Nag: He would probably go to the US to see his son.

Who complains more to Amala?

Chay never complains. And I also don’t. If I have something I will ask him directly. He does the same thing.

Who gets angry faster?

Nag: It is me. I get fired up. And fire down instantly. I will cool down in 10 minutes.

Who is more of a food lover?

We both are equally food lovers. I try any food. I am open to any food. Wherever I go, I try their food.

Who is more into texts or calls?

Nag: I get it done with. If I get a text, I immediately reply.

Chay: Even I am the same. I don’t want to find 30 or 100 unread messages waiting for me on Whatsapp.

Who has forgetfulness? Who forgets important events?

Nag: It is me. I keep forgetting things. I keep asking people around me to remind things.

Who is a better playboy in Bangarraju?

Both are similar, Bangarraju and grandson. It can call it playful rather than a flirt. It is more mischievous and playfulness.

Too Gulte to be True

Chay is more conscious while acting with Nag sir – (Chay) Yes!

Nag: We cannot see it from outside, but it must be there inside.

We will see more of the blockbuster duo in the coming years?

If it is a good script and if we feel we have to do it together, then yes.

Akhil is closer to Chay than Nag?

Chay: Not like that, we are equally close.

Nag: He will talk to Akhil about what he wants to talk and he will communicate with me about what we talk. I don’t even know what they talk about to each other.

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