Video: Chiranjeevi Jealous Of Varun Tej’s Dosa

Megastar Chiranjeevi is a family person. If not at work, we see him at home, spending time with family members, especially his grandchildren. On the occasion of Sankranthi, the entire Mega family has come together to celebrate the festival at his home in Hyderabad. During the Bhogi celebrations, Mega Prince Varun Tej joined Chiru in making dosas.

Taking to Instagram, Varun Tej shared a reel where we can see him making dosas along with Chiranjeevi. However, Varun’s dosa has turned out well while Chiru’s dosa did not shape properly. Immediately, Chiru spoiled Varun’s dosa, and funnily commented, “Mine did not shape well. I feel jealous,” and it split everyone into laughs.

Sharing the video, Varun Tej wrote, “Dosa making 101 with the boss @KChiruTweets”

Chiranjeevi is a great cook and he developed a special recipe of dosa that he named ‘Chiru Dosa’. “The dosa is fluffy and is made with zero oil. Served with vegetable stew and peanut chutney, it tastes nothing short of yummy,” said all those who tasted it in the past.

Chiranjeevi wanted to start a food truck and send it across the Telugu states to let everyone taste his famous dosa! Let us see if he is still working on the idea!