Varma’s Tweet Shared Heavily By Young Women

Ever since the tweets of hero Dhanush came out regarding separation from his wife Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth, many celebs got shocked. At the same time, the news of Sreeja Konidela’s separation from her second husband Kalyaan Dhev also took center stage. And then, it is maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who jumped into the scene to make comments on the happenings.

Apparently, Varma always voiced his opinion against the institution of marriage, and other day too he tweeted, “Star divorces are good trend setters to warn young people about the dangers of marriages”. Along with many other tweets, Varma asked people to fall in love but stay away from marriage as the latter kills the former, he feels.

Guess what, Varma’s this particular tweet, where he warned youngsters, has gone viral with many young women sharing it a lot. Especially some happening YouTubers and small-time actresses shared a screenshot of this tweet on their Insta stories and added words like “True”, “100%” and much more. One wonders why did they connect to that tweet so much, but it looks like most of the young hotties don’t want to marry for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, people related to the divorced parties are actually blasting Varma for making a huge noise about the unfortunate thing.