Unstoppable – Five Celebs Audience Missed Big Time

Aha’s first ever blockbuster talk show on their exclusive Telugu app is none other than “Unstoppable” hosted by Nandamuri Balakrishna. “Nenento Meeku Telsu, Na Sthaanam me manasu” is one super hit tagline which is made immortal by Balayya with his charismatic hosting of the show. But still, people have missed out certain celebs as guests on this show.

Megastar Chiru

The showdown of a Mega-Nandamuri combo would be really terrific and many expected that Megastar Chiranjeevi will turn up on the show as a guest either for the opening episode or for the season finale. But then, Chiranjeevi never turned up on the show and many wonder why Allu Arvind failed to make that happen.

Nagarjuna Akkineni

There is a talk from a long time that Balayya and Nagarjuna are at logger heads, though NTR and ANR are thick friends. The arrival of the Akkineni scion on this show wold have worked wonders for sure. Even though his film Bangarraju is up for release, none could understand wy Nag missed to promote it on Unstoppable.


Though Balayya has been talking about Chiranjeevi and Jr NTR all the way during the show, it is quite surprising to see that even NTR didn’t turn up on the show. The joint appearance of Baabai and Abbai would have created a storm for sure.

Chandrababu Naidu

Apparently he is not just Balayya’s brother in law, but also happens to be the former Chief Minister and a person loved by many. The presence of Chandrababu and some controversial questions on this show would have worked out to the ten.


Of course, this hot siren herself did a talk show for Aha, but then, she hasn’t spoken to any Telugu channel after she divorced her husband Naga Chaitanya. Had Balayya and his team managed her for an interview, surely that would have become a sure shot blockbuster.