Upasana Lands In Religious Controversy

People should be very careful while expressing their opinions these days because some other people may get offended by them in no time. We have seen many celebrities facing the wrath of a few people just for expressing their opinion in public.

Now, Mega Kodalu Upasana joined that list. Upasana is the wife of Ram Charan. She is a popular philanthropist and also a board member of Apollo Hospitals. She enjoys a good following on social media.

On the occasion of Republic Day, Upasana shared a picture the other day on her social media handle. She posted a photo of a Temple’s ‘Gopuram’ which is filled with people instead of the god-idols. Captioning the picture, she wrote, “Let’s engage in building a progressive, more tolerant nation together through active involvement & inclusion without barriers. Happy Republic Day.”

She further asked her followers if they can spot her and Ram Charan in the photo. She revealed that her mother Shoba Kamineni sent her this picture. “I absolutely love it. Request the artist to please DM me. Really want to appreciate your work,” Upasana further added.

A section of people was not okay with this picture and fumed at Upasana for hurting their religious sentiments. “Reporting it right now. Can you place same challenges on other religious shrines,” commented a user. “Show respect to our culture… This is not acceptable…don’t mix patriotism with our culture and heritage,” wrote another netizen.

In this way, Upasana landed up in a controversy for expressing her opinion.