Nidrapova Pushpa?? – Netizens Questioning Allu Arjun

For the last couple of weeks, and that too after the OTT version of 2021’s biggest blockbuster “Pushpa” got released on Amazon Prime Video, many celebs are actually watching the movie and heaping praises on Allu Arjun. And the replies being given by the Icon Star regarding the same are now creating a sort of tsunami if we have to say.

Other day, Akkineni camp’s hero Sumanth tweeted that he has finally caught up with Pushpa. “I’m quite late to the party, nevertheless, cheers to Allu Arjun for #Pushpa! You were absolutely terrific Fire and congrats on the unprecedented success (sic)”, he tweeted. Replying to the same, Allu Arjun wrote, “Thank you my brotherrr. so gladdd u like my performance”.

But then, it is the timing of this tweet that actually made netizens react. Late on Wednesday night, at around 2.30 am, Allu Arjun has put up this reply. Reacting on the same, netizens are quick to post to him, “Nidrapova Pushpa??”, in reply to his reply.

In fact, Allu Arjun is getting quite active on Twitter and Instagram these days, giving replies to every single comment and post aimed at him and his latest blockbsuter movie Pushpa. Definitely, he must be enjoying the attention and applause for sure, and showcasing it to everyone by staying active on social media on all the hours.