Video Talk: Mega Ladies Rocked With Makeup Challenge

Various challenges like #BeTheRealMan, #MaskIndia #QuarantinePillow and others have taken Instagram by a storm as many celebs and common people are engaging their followers with these stunts. And now, the whole of mega family’s young and hot daughters have taken part in the #PassTheBrush challenge which is going viral across the world.

One has to take a brush, appear with a no-makeup look first, and then appear with makeup. That’s the work one has to do with this challenge. First the elder of them all, Sushmita Konidela has taken a brush and rocked with her makeup look. Her amazing expressions to the tune, Navv Inder’s ‘Wakhra Swag’, are really stunning we must say. Then comes the sister Sreeja who has similarly surprised. And then joins Niharika Konidela, who rocked with that mustard coloured ethnic look and also the swag dance.

Then we have Allu Arvind’s sister’s daughters Divya and Vidya Koppineedi, rocking the scenario, and the pass on the brush to a beautiful daughter in law Sneha Reddy. Not just Stylish Star, but Mrs Bunny also got some cool dance moves to show off apart from her makeup and hairdo skills.

All the pretty ladies have surely surprised the mega family and fans with their lovely video. Niharika Konidela shared the video on her IG TV, which has become an instant hit.