Silly Mistake Gives Major Relief For Shahrukh’s Son

Previously when a big superstar was held in connection with a hit and run accident, the final verdict is that there is no clarity if he has drunk vodka or water, because that day what he drank looked quite transparent. And it looks like even Shahrukh Khan’s son’s case also took a similar twist the other day with SIT findings.

On October 2nd last year, a team of NCB officials raided a cruise ship off the coast and took Shahrukh’s son Aryan along with 14 others into custody on the charges of possession of drugs.

It was later accused that SRK’s son was involved in trafficking as well but later it came out that the chats he made with a few people don’t make him part of a drug racket.

And finally, a special investigating team that probed into the whole thing that made Aryan Khan stay in jail for nearly a month has found that the NCB officials who have raided the ship haven’t recorded their raid on a camera.

It’s a mandatory for the raids to be recorded on camera as per NCB manual and in order for the Court to accept the NCB’s version of the finding.

This silly mistake committed by NCB officials which they were not supposed to, will now make Aryan Khan walk free out of the case forever. That’s a major relief for the starkid for sure.