RRR US BO: 5.1 Million & Counting

RRR is shattering the box office records in the US. The period actioner, starring NTR and Ram Charan, set an all-time record in North America surpassing Baahubali 2’s record. RRR raked in 5.1 Million USD (Gross) on Day 1 including Thursday premieres.

Whereas Baahubali 2 made 4.59 Million USD from 1st Day and its premieres. With this, RRR emerged as the biggest opener of Indian Cinema in the US after Covid-19 pandemic.

Going by the trend, RRR’s rampage is likely to continue in the US. Rajamouli’s collaboration with two big stars NTR and Ram Charan that too after his magnum opus Baahubali is resulting in great turnout from Overseas audiences. It is clear that RRR is on a rampage in the USA.

RRR US BO: Day 1 (In Gross)

Friday – $ 1,866,855 & counting

Thursday Premieres – $ 3,261,862

Total So Far: $ 5,128,717