Pics: Anushka Makes Her Rare Appearance At RRR Success Bash

​To celebrate the extraordinary success that has exceeded all expectations, the RRR team and several bigwigs gathered for a private party. The magnum opus blew everyone away, setting new records and entertaining fans all over the world to a greater extent. One could see the happy faces of Charan, Upasana, Rajamouli, SS Karthikeya, Dil Raju, Vamsi Paidipally and others. What steals the spotlight is, the lovely Anushka Shetty also stepped out after a long time to be a part of the RRR team’s success party.​

After a hectic three years of sedulous efforts, the team can be seen sharing genuine smiles and conversations yesterday. They also had a scrumptious breakfast together, leaving them to feel incredibly happy, rejuvenated and connected. A good meal and good company is a combination that really is quite hard to beat, isn’t it?!

Talking about Anushka, the actress kept her look pretty simple. Kudos to her for stepping out sans makeup, colour, and hair styling. She is seen clad in a casual cotton kurta while completely rocking her natural hair as it is. Fans hail her bare face look and zero effs to give. In fact, several others including Upasana made a simple appearance and the team purely focussed on having free-ranging, fun-filled, and deep conversations, creating an intimate experience for all present.