Why Watching RRR End Credits List Make Us Proud?

Usually, many audiences don’t watch the end-credits list of a film as they rush outside immediately after the ‘The End’ card such that they could get out of the parking lot quite faster. However, if it is a Rajamouli film surely the end-video will be interesting, and they would be standing (and sitting) to watch it.

Even in RRR, the song Ethhara Jenda occupies the total ending credit-rolls part, and it’s mightily impressive. But for those who have read the credits list during that time rather watching the song, surely that list is making them proud. Wonder why? Gone are the days when we get excited watching Hollywood movies for their visual effects. Now, top notch Hollywood visual effects like MPC, Digital Domain are hired to work on the film RRR.

Also, some international visual effects studios from other countries, including Surpreeze, Craft VFX and Al Zahra have provided visual effects support for India’s biggest film RRR, while the majority of the VFX was done by Makuta and Firefly in Hyderabad.

Watching and noticing all these technical things surely excites any average Indian in a big way.