KGF 2 Creates New Records In Sandalwood!

KGF can be considered a landmark film in the Kannada cinema. Before KGF, the Kannada film industry is considered one of the weakest film industries in the country which produces below-par films in terms of both content and technicalities.

But director Prashanth Neel changed the entire perception of Kannada Cinema. He proved that his home industry has all the strength to produce one of the biggest hits in Indian Cinema.

KGF became the first Sandalwood film to cross the 100 crores and 200 crores landmarks. Now, its sequel KGF Chapter 2 has become the first Sandalwood film to cross 300 crores, and will soon cross 400 crores and 500 crores at the box office.

If the successful run continues for a long time, it has the chance of earning more than Rs. 1000 crores as well. If that happens, that will be a huge boost for both the Kannada film industry and its technicians.

KGF 2 is having a sensational run in both domestic and international circuits. Especially in North India, the film is having a great run in the theatres.