Will Bigg Boss Escape Corona Crisis Smoothly?

Though Megastar Chiranjeevi spearheaded a representation to Telangana govt to allow them to kickstart film shootings, the reality is that the shooting of big films hasn’t even started due to the kind of impact Covid-19 exerted. And then few small films and TV serials started to shoot, but they got scared with one or the other falling prey for the deadly coronavirus.

At this junction, when Covid-19 positive cases are reaching an all-time high, Star Maa has recently announced that #BiggBoss4 is all set to roll. While they are taking extraordinary precautions to make sure that each contestant is tested and kept in quarantine for 14 days before being sent into the house, many wonder if everything would go smoothly in these unfortunate times.

Corona could come from any direction whether through the commodities and essentials that will be supplied to the Bigg House inmates or through the dresses they get from outside. Also with every celebrity needing makeup and other stuff for the Saturday and Sunday episodes, is it really possible to avoid interaction between people such that corona will be kept at bay?

As many TV Series and Web Series which have started shooting recently have come to a grinding halt with one or the other teammates testing positive, we have to see what is going to happen with Bigg Boss.

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