Can Samantha Make Some Noise In Acharya Storm!

This April 29th, the coming Friday, we are going to witness the massive release of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Acharya” in theatres, while KGF2 and RRR have already occupied the majority of theatres. While there is no space for other movies, Samantha’s dubbed Tamil film, Kanmani Rambo Khatija, is also hitting cinemas a day before on April 28th. Well, here’s the catch.

Apparently with no other big films doing great at the Tamil box office other than Vijay’s Beast, surely the Tamil version date is a viable option for the producers of Samantha’s KRK. While there is tough space in Telugu to get into theatres, surely the lack of a comedy and romantic entertainer at the box office is giving an option for Samantha to capitalize at the box office. In Telugu, neither Nayanthara nor Vijay Sethupathi is as popular as this queen bee, so surely her charisma is what is needed to bring the audience to theatres.

What matters now is, how much promotion Samantha will do in the Telugu circuits to bring attention to the movie. While there will be hype on social media due to Samantha’s staggering presence in this area, surely other promotions are needed to bring attention to the movie at the root level. We have to see what Samantha will really do now amidst the Acharya storm which is joining the tsunami created by RRR and KGF2.