How Thaman Convinced Mahesh For Sitara

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s family and action entertainer Sarkaru Vaari Paata is all set for release on May 12th. S Thaman rendered soundtracks and three songs of the movie enchanted music lovers. Today, the composer took part in media interaction.

Do you feel pressure, while working with stars?
There will be huge expectations, while working with star heroes. We need to work hard to reach all the expectations. We also required to take part in promotions as well.

What do you say about making of lyrical videos?
Actually, audio companies are encouraging us to make lyrical video. They are doing this because they are seeing the revenues. However, we can’t make videos for every song.

What do you say about competition in the industry?
It’s all healthy competition. The competition indeed makes us cautious. On and off we used to do commercial movies, but now we are doing content driven movies. SVP is an out and out commercial entertainer.

Was Kalaavathi, the first tune you composed for SVP?
I did the tune during the lockdown. We discussed about the tune on zoom calls and it was really a different experience altogether. We wanted a melody song that will haunt for long time. I gave the tune back in 2020 August and it was released in Feb 2022. They spent nearly 30 lakhs on the lyrical video.

How did you convince Mahesh Babu for Penny song?
Sitara is like a rockstar. She has a good swing in the body. I requested Namrata and then Mahesh Babu. I sent Sitara’s Instagram reels to Mahesh Babu garu. She finished her part of the shoot in just 3 hours. There was excellent vibe.

How’s it working with Parasuram?
It’s my 3rd movie with Parasuram. I know his tastes.

What really brought freshness to Kalaavathi song?
Though Sid Sriram sung many songs, Kalaavathi sounded very fresh, for its composition.

Which song you felt tough composing?
Programming title song was the toughest job.