KGF’s Rocky Bhai Will Smoke But Not Yash

One of the most successful film-franchise India has ever produced in recent times is none other than KGF, and that follows right after the Baahubali franchise. The super success of Prashant Neel’s KGF has made Kannada hero Yash a sought-after star and he has fans across the country now.

One of the striking aspects of Rocky Bhai from KGF is that he always loves to light up a cigarette in any given scene. Even in the recently released Chapter 2, the way Yash uses a machine gun to blast up vehicles and later lits up his cigarette from the red-hot firing trunk of the machine is super hit. However, Yash doesn’t want to endorse that in real life.

Reports are coming that Yash was offered a terrific deal by a leading cigarette production company and another alcohol maker to do some surrogate advertising for their products. Even a pan masala brand is said to have approached the star with a mind-boggling offer such that he would represent the brand throughout India. But the actor is said to have rejected them all, and that’s a terrific move, which is winning him a bow from all of his fans.

In recent times, Allu Arjun has rejected such a deal and that forced the likes of Akshay Kumar to drop from surrogate advertising. But then, we have the likes of Ajay Devgan and Mahesh Babu along with the likes of Alia Bhatt and Samantha still continuing the surrogate advertising of alcohol brands.