Directors Turning Slim After Working With Mahesh

The change over one goes through after working with a particular hero is quite visible in terms of creativity and thought process. However, some heroes force their directors to take up the gym and lose weight while working on their projects, and senior hero Nagarjuna was an example of this. He used to make his directors come to the gym and pump the iron. And here is another interesting snippet.

Whether Superstar Mahesh is taking them to the gym or not, some directors who have grown close to him have become super slim after working with him. After Maharshi, director Vamsi Paidipalli who used to look quite bulky lost oodles of weight and almost became a size zero guy. And now comes Parasuram who is looking quite slim after working with Mahesh on Sarkaaru Vaari Paata.

Though the influence of Mahesh on these directors regarding slimming of the body couldn’t be confirmed, definitely we cannot rule it out. Maybe they themselves look at the way our Superstar is working out daily and got inspired by that. On the other hand, we have directors like Koratala Siva and Anil Ravipudi who have been maintaining their physique quite well even before and after working with Mahesh.