Sr Heroine Flattering Sensational Hero Big Time

She happens to be a senior heroine in the industry with loads of track records. Whether it comes to flaunting terrific glamour or doing some emotional characters she has proven her mettle. At the same time, she is the master of social media as she knows perfectly well when it comes to putting up the right posts at the right time whether it is her ravishing photoshoots or other things.

While this heroine is known for putting up just stories for the sake of her other colleagues from the industry, recently she has surprised everyone by dedicating a special post for this sensational hero.

Now that these two are paired together, maybe she has done that post, but never she has actually put up a post for her other co-stars. Many are wondering what is cooking on her mind.

Some say that the pretty siren who is actually trying to expand her footprint, is just flattering the sensational hero such that his fans will back her all the time.

Also, some news is coming out that the two have become thick friends after shooting for their recent outing which is their first ever pairing. Whatever it may be, this heroine is very intelligent when it comes to taking up calculated steps and she’s proving herself all over again.