Tollywood Adopts New Strategy In Story Selection

Telugu Cinema is in an interesting phase now. It is no more just another regional film industry. It is a powerhouse that delivered pan-India hits like Baahubali, Pushpa and RRR. After the stupendous success of these films, many top Telugu directors and actors are now planning to make only pan-India films.

This trend brings a change in the content selection of our actors. They will be now looking for stories that have a universal appeal rather than a regional appeal. Especially, star heroes who already attained pan-India stardom are only looking for stories that have wide appeal.

It is heard that they are asking directors and writers to come up with such stories only. But making a pan-India film is not an easy task. Apart from the story, it needs immense planning and intensive promotional strategies to take the film to the audiences across the nation. Rajamouli is a master in this craft and he knows exactly how to promote his film widely across the country.

The makers also need to rope in actors from other languages to attract the markets of other states. Bringing them on board and handling their characters well is also a challenge for filmmakers.

This trend is also making our heroes not choose formulaic commercial stories anymore. They are looking for unique and interesting subjects that can entertain a wider section of audiences. This is indeed a good change. But we have to see how well our heroes can do in coming up with successful pan-India films continuously.

Let’s hope that they continue the success for many more years and make Telugu cinema a pioneer film industry in India.