National News Channel Calls Mahesh Babu A Kannada Actor

Recently, Mahesh Babu made interesting comments about entering Bollywood. When asked about his entry in Hindi, Mahesh said that he doesn’t want to do Hindi films because Bollywood cannot afford him. Later, Mahesh clarified that he meant he wants to do only Telugu films rather than juggling multiple industries.

Meanwhile, these controversial statements irked the Bollywood celebrities. B-Town producers like Mukesh Bhatt and Boney Kapoor criticized Mahesh for his statements.

National media also made a huge issue out of these statements. But instead of terming Mahesh as a Telugu actor, a channel called him a Kannada actor.

Popular news channel CNN news mentioned Mahesh Babu as a Kannada actor on live television. This once again proves the ignorant attitude of North Indian media towards South Indians.

Earlier, a popular journalist posted Chiranjeevi’s photo when Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja passed away. Now, a news channel called Mahesh a Kannada actor.

Netizens are now making the snapshot of this news viral on social media and trolling the news channel for its ignorance.