₹ 400 Ticket Became New Issue For Telugu Films

While the official government orders are reading the hiked ticket price as ₹ 250 in multiplexes in states like Telangana, what is the actual price of a ticket in almost all the big multiplex theatres.

Including all the additional charges and taxes, a single ticket in a multiplex theatre is now casting ₹ 394, and that became the biggest headache for the film industry now.

In recent times, both Acharya and Sarkaaru Vaaru Paata haven’t seen super fulls even for the morning shows in some Hyderabad multiplexes. Usually, films with these big stars find a huge turnout of audiences with tickets not available for the first weekend.

However, with ticket prices touching nearly ₹ 400 some audiences are finding it tough to afford and they are depending only on reviews and word of mouth to buy their tickets. Also, this pricing for the first week is actually leading to a huge drop in footfalls if the film gets a below-average talk.

While this is the case of ₹ 400 tickets, now think about what is happening with the hiked ticket prices in other regions of Telugu states.

While film producers are asking for a hike in order to recover their hefty budget very quickly, actually this is turning out to be more disastrous as the tail-end collections are getting affected big time by the hikes. Let’s hope Telugu producers are reading into this.