KGF 2 Available For Rs 199 – Will This Work?

In a different kind of strategy, much before the real release of KGF 2 for all the audience on Amazon Prime Video, the streaming giant has launched a new offer. The film is right now available for rent on Amazon Prime Video on Rs 199, and that’s the biggest surprise now.

Though some biggies featuring Salman Khan in recent times have gone for a direct OTT release through the Pay-Per-View model, this is the first time a released blockbuster is made available in that model. We have to see how far this model will work and how much collection KGF 2 will make on Amazon Prime now, before its free access to all the subscribers of the OTT platform.

Back then, when OTT giants came to India, people used to borrow usernames and passwords from others to watch movies. Now the situation has come to a point where every movie lover owns subscriptions of two or more popular OTT platforms. Maybe Amazon Prime would be thinking that very soon the rental model of films will also turn into a super hit on their streaming service. If that happens, movie viewing experience will be changed altogether.