Pics: Rashmika At Her Best Friend’s Wedding

A celebrity being at their best friend’s wedding is a big thing for the one who is getting married. But for a change, the celebrity here appears to be equally excited to be a part of the wedding event. The pan-India actress Rashmika Mandanna attended her bestie’s wedding and she even posted the pictures looking all excited and super happy.

Rashmika shared a few pictures from the wedding ceremony of her friend Raagini and she wrote a lot about it. Rashmika said she was worried that she won’t be able to make it to the wedding due to repeated delays of the flight she was supposed to catch.

Rashmika writes, ‘Today my friend @raaginimuddaiah got married.. (and I don’t have a picture with her from today 😣) but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! After missing a 4 AM flight and having my flights delayed 4-5 times.. 🥲 thank god, I finally made it to her wedding! 🥰
And OMG! what a beautiful bride she is.. ❤️❤️ Ahhh.. and these girls.. I literally grew up with these girls.. ❤️ it’s been 17 years since I’ve known them and nothing’s changed at all.. ❤️
They keep me sane.. they keep me rooted.. they keep me happy.. and these are my girls.. ❤️
So so glad today I got to see them! I wanted to share a lil something from my personal space with you all.. 😉❤️This is how your Rashmika was before most of you have known her and looks like nothing has changed! 😄❤️.’

Rashmika expresses in words that they are the girls she grew up with and nothing has changed at all between them.

That’s Rashmika beautiful and simple inside and outside too. Well, check out the pictures to find the beauty and happiness in each.