Fake Youtube Thumbnails; Tollywood issues a warning

Fake Youtube Thumbnails and manipulative gossip about film celebrities have become highly prevalent on social media these days. Many Youtube channels are coming up with these fake thumbnails to cash more money from views and clicks.

These misleading headlines and offensive fake content are disturbing the lives of many film celebrities. Thus, the Telugu film industry has decided to take action against it. The big wigs of the industry held a meeting today to discuss the same. They publicly asked the media to stop circulating fake news and spreading fake stories.

Speaking at the meeting, director Thammareddy Bharadwaja said, “These days, Youtube channels are making business by coming up with offensive thumbnails. They think that people will click the video only if the thumbnail has a controversial picture or a statement. Sometimes, even the content they showcase is offensive. They call some people dead and they create fake linkups between a few others. They are troubling us with these disturbing thumbnails and videos.”

“In a society, we have to have respect for one another. Once you cross the line, it should be controlled for sure. There is so much fake news circulating on social media, especially on film celebrities. Many of these celebrities are not even using social media after watching this fake content. You should make money in the right way and by not spreading negativity about film celebrities. As an industry, we are collectively condemning this trend and are demanding Youtube channels stop doing it. I hope they consider our request,” he went on to add.

Director VN Aditya said, “Cinema is an open medium. Once a film is out, anyone can comment on it. But no one has a right to comment on the personal lives of people who work in the film industry. If we proceed legally, many Youtube channels will get shut.”

“For example, there is a heroine who came from the other state and settled in Hyderabad because she is getting many offers here. Meanwhile, some Youtube channels made a fake video about her financial assets and mentioned all the dispute-lands in that clip. Those dispute lands’ owners sent rowdies to the actress’ house and questioned her when did she buy their lands without their notice. That’s how a fake thumbnail put her in danger. Everyone in media is educated and thus, I request you all to stop using this fake thumbnail trend,” he further added.

Actor and director Jeevitha Rajasekhar said, “I am one of the most affected persons by this fake news and fake thumbnail trend. Neither I nor my family members have ever indulged in a fight with any other person in the industry. Recently, the producers of Garuda Vega alleged that I have to pay them Rs. 26 crores. We will prove that their allegation is wrong. The case is pending in court. It is the court’s right to make a decision. But there are many fake stories published on the issue on social media.”

“Not only that, but some channels also make videos saying that my daughters eloped with someone. Recently, a big caste issue was made using a statement of mine, which I used in a very casual way. I never intended to offend any caste. But it was projected in that way. I am not blaming the entire media. I am saying that a few organizations are following this trend to make money. I request them to understand our suffering and stop publicizing such stories,” Jeevitha further added.