Telugu Star Wife Avoiding Social Media; Here’s Why

There is this star wife in Tollywood who is known for living on social media sites all the time. And she shares stuff that others won’t talk about. But then, there is an increasing talk that she is using all the fame and craze on social media only to propagate her image and expand her businesses.

Ever since India entered a lockdown, this star lady started posting about various health-related stuff and other wellness activities. But then, suddenly she has kept a full stop to all such activities and is resorting to posting only some routine updates like #throwback pictures and fashion pictures. Some say that there is a reason behind this.

Actually this star wife is related to some big businesses that could actually help the poor if they want to. And those companies survived Covid-19 impact and also made more profits than others. And with her posting all wellness updates, netizens are forcing her for ‘free help’ from those companies and that is said to have worried her a bit.

As she might jeopardise all the business of those companies, the lady has decided to not make a huge noise and stopped making videos as well as other advisory posts, say some people in the know.

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