Koratala Siva Found New Team After Clashes?

One of the biggest comments that Koratala Siva faced after “Acharya” release is that none of the opening shots or elevation shots in the film are interesting like in his previous films. And then, a rumor emerged that his fallout with the cinematographer of the film resulted in the sloppy making, and the DOP never gave him ideas for creating new blocks and openers. Is that true?

Throughout his career, the “Mirchi” director has worked with only two cinematographers while all his films are visually quite impressive. For his first two films, he got talented Madhie aboard while his other films are handled by creative lensman Thiru. However, it is alleged that Koratala has an issued with Thiru, and hence Acharya’s visuals are not up to the mark. And now, a change in his team is indicating that these rumours are indeed true.

For the first time ever, Koratala Siva picked up Arya and Robo fame cinematographer Ratnavelu as the right hand for his upcoming film that has Jr NTR in the lead. Not just that, he has put aside his favourite composer Devi Sri Prasad but went for Anirudh and at the same time brought production designer Sabu Cyril to take care of art and costumes together. That’s a big change we have to say.

Many star directors have scored much bigger after changing their cinematographers and we have to see how Koratala Siva is going to fare now. But then the rumour that he has changed team only due to the internal clashes is something remains a rumour until the director opens up about it.