The Gray Man Trailer: Dhanush flashes for 5 seconds!

Tamil star Dhanush is featuring in ‘Avengers’ directors Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo popularly called the Russo Brothers upcoming movie ‘The Gray Man.’ The trailer is unveiled and Dhanush flashes just for five seconds in the two minutes video.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the leads, the former plays a CIA covert who is on the run while Evans hunts for Ryan. Like any other action thriller laced with chase sequences, this trailer too is loaded with guns, blasts and what not.

Though Dhanush’s presence is very minimal, he is part of a fight episode and it’s a role packed with seriousness. Other than that there is no detail about his role and hope he gets more screen time in the full movie.

‘The Gray Man’ is getting a very limited theatrical release on July 15th but will be available for streaming from July 22nd on Netflix.