Dil Raju Not Even Sparing Charan And Shankar

Producer Dil Raju is on cloud nine after watching the out of F3, which is carved by Anil Ravipudi and features Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamanna and Mehreen in the leads. The ace producer cum distributor is quite sure that success is just a matter of release for him as he strongly believes that the film will turn out into a blockbuster.

Regarding the making of the film F3, Dil Raju is said to have taken ample care that he used to sit with Anil Ravipudi every day to monitor the budgets of the film and keep things under control. This happens to be the main trait of Dil Raju and there were never films from his compound that have turned out to be cost failures as he always calculates well before investing in a movie. Guess what, Dil Raju is not even sparing Ram Charan and legendary S Shankar when it comes to this.

Apparently Raju is said to have already chalked out the rough budget along with the buffer limit for #RC15 and is said to have shared those notes with Charan and Shankar as well. If at all Shankar crosses the estimated expenditure in a particular schedule of the film, he has to cover it up in the next schedule. That way, Raju is not giving any freehand but keeping everything under control such that he would walk out with table profits. That’s how a good producer plans.