Thanks To Lockdown! Dubbing Artists Are Fully Busy

While the whole of the world is experiencing an economic slowdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the one industry that is making money is the OTT platforms that come under the entertainment industry. While the film shoots and releases are stalled, web series are hitting the marquee like anything. Here’s why.

Apparently big production OTT players like Netflix and Amazon will have almost 5 months of content ready and that is helping them a lot. But the biggest twist is that understanding that various audiences in India including Telugu folks need to watch new content every week, they are now dubbing the new releases in Telugu as well.

Sample this: A newly released Hollywood movie like “The Kissing Booth 3” on Netflix has Telugu, Hindi and Tamil audio available instantly. They say that almost all the dubbing studios in Hyderbad and Chennai are busy with the newest projects of Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as the ones carved by Hotstar and Zee5, as they want every show to be available in local prominent Indian languages.

Needless to day, voice dubbing artists should thank the Covid-19 ensured lockdown as they are getting full busy now.

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