Telugu Director And Heroine’s Love Tales In Mumbai

All the time we hear tales of love stories between various directors and heroines, but in Telugu industry, this romance of a married director with an unmarried starlet is quite a controversial right from the beginning. Anyway, the duo lives together and does everything together, but still, they don’t accept anything.

After initially getting struck in Mumbai, this director and heroine came back to Hyderabad by using their powerful contacts. And they have headed to their respective homes for some time, but it looks like the lifting of a travel ban on domestic flights made them move out of Hyderabad again.

Currently, the duo is in Mumbai, enjoying their time and giving a glimpse of themselves to people as they come out of home for a morning workout routine. Talk is that they are spending their leisure quite well in Mumbai and continuing their beautiful love story. Of course, they just call it friendship, but onlookers refuse to believe as usual.

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