Pakka – It’s A Great Opportunity At BO!

Eight films released on Friday and none of the films received a positive talk or review. ‘Sammathame’ was a film that had decent buzz but it did not meet the expectations of audiences. ‘Chor Bazar’ featuring Akash Puri met with negative reviews and it would be better if we mention less about the rest of the film released.

‘Pakka Commercial’ releasing on July 1st has a golden opportunity here. With no film in the competition and Mega hero Vaisshnav Tej’s ‘Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga’ getting postponed, hero Gopichand’s film has a huge advantage.

The box office is currently in dull mode. Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vikram’ earned double profits while Adivi Sesh’s ‘Major’ crossed the breakeven mark and Nani’s ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ is toughly managing the audiences. ‘F3’ is making the most during the weekends and theatres which have no option are running ‘777 Charlie.’

So on July 1st, ‘Pakka Commercial’ looks like the only option for mass and general audiences and the film could post decent openings on day one and in the first weekend. Even if ‘Pakka Commercial’ manages to get an above average talk, the collections will be big.

For director Maruthi, ‘Pakka Commercial’ needs to score a hit. After a success like ‘Prati Roju Pandage’ Maruthi delivered a dud in the form of ‘Manchi Rojulochai.’ There are high chances of him directing pan India star Prabhas next and so the result of ‘Pakka Commercial’ matters the most.

The trailer of ‘Pakka Commercial’ listed an impression of a routine entertainer but it’s not all the film. With a golden opportunity at the ticket counter, all Gopichand and Maruthi needed is a HIT verdict.