Big Move: No To OTT Release In 50-Day Window?

Tollywood biggies are all set to put a check on OTT hawa. With the theatrical collections taking a huge hit, Telugu film producers, distributors and exhibitors collectively want to restrict the release on OTT platforms and thus give a 50 days theatrical window for new releases.

An important meeting is going to take place tomorrow in Tollywood for the mandatory 50 days theatrical window before the OTT release, confirmed producer Bunny Vasu at the Pakka Commercial event. Bunny Vasu said, “Producers and distributors are struggling to get the audience to theatres. Announcing OTT dates along with the film’s release are also affecting the theatrical run. This trend is unhealthy and also not good for the heroes’ market.”

Vasu said a hero has struck a contract with his producers to not to release his film in OTT prior to 50 days of theatrical release. Appreciating the move, Vasu said Tollywood producers are going to take a crucial decision related to this tomorrow at their meeting.