#Pushpa2 – Makers Refusing Advance Deals?

As Pushpa has become a terrific blockbuster in Northern circuits as well with the film netting almost Rs 120 crores collection from the Hindi arena, Sukumar and his producers are now carving the second part with a bigger and better view. They want to make sure that audiences across the globe will be awestruck with the terrific experience they are going to provide.

A report is now doing rounds that many big producers from the Bollywood arena are actually reaching out to Mythri Movie Makers, offering them a huge advance. But the Telugu producer is simply refusing to take them any.

Wonder why? In fact, before the release of Pushpa, the makers doesn’t know that the film will have a direct market in Bollywood, hence they sold the rights to Goldmine Films.

As the date for release approached, the craze has doubled, but Goldmine Films hasn’t allowed the Telugu makers for a direct release there as YouTube streaming rights of the Hindi version are sold to them.

That led Mythri Movie Makers to release the film through the same company and they haven’t taken a lion’s share from the nett revenues. Now that they are not even obliged to sell Part 2 to Goldmine, Mythri is hoping that they will open their own footprint in the Hindi arena by releasing the film on their own.

For that, they will partner with the likes of AA Films or Pen Entertainment. The Hindi arena company will be only a distribution partner though, which releases Pushpa 2 on a commission basis.