RGV’s ‘Allu’ About ‘Jana Rajyam’ Party

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has dropped yet another bomb. RGV announced his next film as Allu. The film is said to be based on the lead character – A Aravind and Varma justifies why the film is titled as Allu.

He said it is called Allu because the central character who weave, lace, twist, entwine plans after the plans such that his closed ones and his relatives gain. Ramu stated that the film’s central character A Aravind who is brother-in-law of a Big Star Hero and tries his best such that his mileage won’t come down.

Varma said the film is all about the master strategist A Aravind and he is the mastermind behind all the plans whether to benefit himself or his group or to detriment his opponents. He also further said that the lead character doesn’t even bother about his own “Alludu” (Nephew).

Ramu further ignited fire by announcing the characters of the film. RGV said, “Allu” will have characters called A Aaravind, K Chiraaanjeevi, Prawan Kalyan, A Aaarjun, A Sheeresh, K R Chraran, N Baebu and etc etc.”

Now this blasting announcement of Ramu is expected to hit all the Mega fans and Allu fans.