Trailer Talk: Manly Heroes, Spicy Heroines, Both Villains

If a movie turns out to be successful, surely every filmmaker in these days churning out a sequel for it. And for a successful film like “Ek Villain”, director Mohit Suri has come out with a sequel now, and the trailer of the film is released today. Let’s see how is it faring actually.

“Ek Villain Returns” now features an all-new cast including Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham, Disha Patani and Tara Sutaria. Guess what, though they have two manly heroes who are known for their muscular bodies than acting, and two spicy heroines who enjoy stupendous attention for their curvaceous looks and teasing skin show than acting, Mohit Suri calls them all ‘villains’. The trailer is cut in a way that the audience is confused as to who is the villain among them, as all are baddies only.

While the first part boasted a terrific emotional storyline, the sequel seems to be banking more on action sequences and glamour treat of heroines. However, the clash-off is sounding good, but these days simple storylines are not working out at the box office. We have to see how the audience will receive the film.