Buzz: Another Anasuya In The Making

Definitely we have to credit Anasuya Bharadwaj for introducing ‘glamour’ to the small screen as none of the anchors before her have set the small screen on a fire with their ravishing looks. And after the popular adult comedy show Jabardasth for years, she has finally called it quits. So who is going to replace her?

Apparently, ETV and Mallemala, the producers of Jabardasth, are said to be looking forward for another ravishing siren who could set the screens on fire along with her talkativeness. One girl who is in their eye right now is none other than Bigg Boss OTT contestant Sravanthi Chokarapu. She is popular as an interviewer on YouTube and also shot to fame for hosting “Best of Jabardasth” program.

Cut to the point, while this beautiful lady is married and has a kid too, she makes sure that her small screen and YouTube appearances are always spicy. Other day she stunned everyone with her pulsating glamour treat as she appeared at a ribbon cutting event. They say that Sravanthi might become the next Anasuya on Jabardasth, given the chance.