Huge Back-end Efforts To Stall Varma’s ‘Allu’, But..

Other day Ram Gopal Varma surprised many by announcing the film “Allu” and giving enough indications about what he is going to showcase there. And he included the names of all happening stars from one family as a star cast of that project.

Fact is that the movie will be just another spoof short-film which will make fun of the central character, and audiences are not even interested to care a lot about these funny creations of the once celebrated director. But then, people close to the camp that is being targeted in the movie are quite hurt we hear. And they have started putting up efforts to get the film stalled.

Apparently they are said to have discussed through some middle-men as to why Varma is targeting that particular ‘guy’ from the big family. Though these folks haven’t reacted when Varma made “Powerstar”, they have started worrying with the announcement of “Allu” as to what the director might show inside the project. However, Varma is said to have shown no interest to stall the film, as per the reports.

On the other hand, biggies from the big family are said to have advised their followers to not worry much about the film as that would neither damage their image nor it will give anything else to the audience. Apparently they felt that whatever the ‘comments’ and ‘memes’ that are being thrown at the family on anti-media and social media pages, will now get video form in Varma’s film, but nothing else.

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