Sam’s First Thought On Oo Antava: F*ck, I Will Do It

Not for once or twice, host Karan Johar heaped praises a lot of times on the ‘hotness’ of Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the song “Oo Antava” from Pushpa. And then she asked her why did she actually take up that song while hosting her on the 3rd episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7.

Karan asked Sam, “You nailed it, killed it, and did everything. Was it a rebellious move, a strategic move, or something you did because you felt, “F*ck, I’ll do it”.

She is quick to answer: “The third option. F*ck, I’ll do it”.

And Samantha went on to explain why she has done it. “The song is actually a satire on the male gaze while it pandered to the male gaze. There is a lot of criticism and trolling, but who else could throw a satire on the male gaze if not a big star like me who is doing a nautch girl?”

At the same time, Samantha tried to balance her words, saying that she used her body as all actors do. “In the Family Man series, Raji is involved in physical combat for a cause. And Oo Antava is about giving a statement”, she concluded.

Karan Johar however adds, “But you were hot in the song, whether you are making a statement or showing the world middle finger”, once again reiterating that there is no criticism of the song anywhere.