NTR Wants Sukumar’s Involvement In Babu’s Script?

After winning accolades as Komaram Bheem in RRR, NTR signed in for Koratala Siva and Prashant Neel movies. The movie after that is not official but Uppena director Buchi Babu Sana is directing it.

Buchi Babu readied the script and gave a narration to NTR. The rumored title is ‘Peddi’ and it is said to be a mass action movie based on Kabaddi. Tarak is heard to have asked for changes and improvisations, but even after three narrations, the actor is not happy with the second half. So Buchi Babu has been busy in discussions with his team in Hyderabad hotels.

Buchi Babu needs to have the script ready before NTR completes the movie with Koratala. With Buchi Babu’s script stuck in a block, NTR reportedly asked Sukumar to intervene in the script discussions. Also, Buchi Babu requested Sukku to help him out. Sukumar obliged and the whole team flew off to Thailand now.

Sukumar and Buchi Babu Sana’s team has been working relentlessly on NTR’s movie script now. It looks like Sukumar’s inputs and changes in Babu’s script might impress NTR. Buchi Babu Sana posted a picture of himself in discussions with Sukumar in Thailand, revealing Sukku’s help for his next film. Though he did not reveal further details, it is evident that the movie is Tarak’s.

After looking at this picture of Sukku and Babu in deep discussion, many have asked if Buchi Babu is helping Sukumar in Pushpa 2 discussions. Babu denied that all saying Sukku is helping him out in something but not the other way round. He emphasized that he has not reached to that position where he can give inputs to Sukumar.