Liger’s Waat Laga Denge: Song For Masses!

Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger is releasing on August 25th. The trailer of the film has got an excellent response increasing the hype on the film. The team has now released Waat Laga Denge which speaks about the theme of Liger.

It is a motivational song which speaks about Vijay Deverakonda’s never say never attitude in the film. The visuals suggest that it is the rise of a slumdog to represent the country in MMA.

Vijay’s speech that comes at the start has some inspirational lines.

The lines and the visuals of the hero’s rise in the film and his daredevil attitude combined with hair-rising music works big time in the short video. The impact will be enhanced further in the movie when we go with the flow of the film.

The song and the visuals go hand in hand and it is likely to be an adrenaline pumping experience in the movie. Finally, Waat Laga Denge is a perfect theme song for Liger and is going to be an instant winner both musically and visually.

Waat Laga Denge is another successful addition to Liger’s promotional club. After the trailer, this will take the responsibility of increasing the hype around the film.