Rashmika Demands ₹4 Cr – Worth It?

According to a report doing rounds, heroine Rashmika Mandanna has charged nearly ₹1 crore for Allu Arjun’s Pushpa movie, but the hottie is said to be demanding nearly 4 crores for the second part of the movie. Many are wondering if she is really worth the remuneration.

In fact, Telugu producers have actually given a bandh call to discuss the sky-high remunerations of heroes and heroines as well, but then, it is coming out that the producers of Pushpa 2 have paid Rashmika a whopping ₹4 crores as a pay packet.

Frankly speaking, Pushpa is the first solid hit of Rashmika though she managed to get 3-4 Bollywood films around the same time. However, one has to see if all that fan following of 33 million on Instagram will turn out into a box office collection or not. For example, the likes of Samantha and Nayantara have reached a position where their solo movies are getting good openings. But then, the likes of Keerthy Suresh and Sai Pallavi became one film wonders as the box office fate of their solo films is quite disastrous.

Without looking into these commercial and business equations, paying ₹4 crores just because she’s demanding is not a good sign. Well, that’s what even the Acting Producers Guild wants to discuss anyway.